Repair broken QuickTime MOV files is Now Possible

Want to repair broken QuickTime MOV files? MOV is the most widely used file format for storing multimedia files. Mainly it is used to store video recording, audio recording, animation, 3D etc. It use the proprietary compression algorithm to store the multimedia items. Basically it was cerated for the QuickTime player of Mac but it is also compatible with Windows and being used with number of cameras and handycam to save audio and video recording. However it is not 100% reliable because when it come to data loss issue like all other formats there are high chances of losing your MOV videos as well.


Causes of corruption in MOV files

Incomplete file transferring: Any kind of problem while transferring the file can cause a serious damage to the MOV files such as power failure, abrupt termination of the process of transferring file, etc.

Incompatible media player: Opening the MOV file with an unsupported media player can cause damage in header and result as file inaccessibility issue.

Converting the format of MOV file: Conversion of MOV file format into any format should be done very carefully otherwise there are high chances of corruption in file

Corruption in storage media: Corruption in storage media can ultimately result as corruption in the MOV file

QuickTime Error 2048 couldn’t Open the File: sometimes users encounters “Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file” due to any type of corruption in QuickTime or MOV file. This error message comes when QuickTime get unable recognize the file.

However there are still some chances to recover broken QuickTime MOV files. You can take the help of any relaible third party tool to recover your files. MOV File Recovery Software is the most suitable tool to recover broken, corrupted or deleted MOV files. Its powerful features and brilliant graphical interface makes it significantly effective and easy to use. It can recover any file in a very quick time on your fingertips. Its advanced scanning algorithm and amazing repair technique makes it very accurate and safe. Moreover this utility is compatible with almost all the versions of Mac and Windows. Therefore it is recommended to use MOV File Recovery Software in order to repair broken QuickTime MOV files.


User Guide for MOV File Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and run the application then connect the media to PC and click an Start button from the main interface of software.

Step 2: Choose the desired volume and click on start scan. You can also scan the drive with Advance Scanning option.

Step 3: Now choose the type of file from the given list and click on start scan.

Step 4: After the process of scanning a list will be shown to the main interface. You can choose the file to see its preview.

Step 5: Here choose the location where you want to save the recovered files and click the OK button to save the files.

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