Mac File Recovery: How to Do MOV Video Recovery on Mac


Does your stored Mac MOV file fails to respond? Wiling to know how to do MOV video recovery on Mac? Few years ago, the problem of .mov file deletion or corruption was really a panic one. Except feeling sad and anxious, there is no other way available. But, fortunately time has changes and with the change in time, several sorts of alternatives are made available on the affordable price. Now, one can easily be able to recover .mov file by using some proper apps. But, can you know why the stored mov file become inaccessible?


After several observations the experts came to the conclusion that there might be various reasons behind the emergence of video corruption. But, the most common among them is virus attack and accident deletion. Because, majority of us handle our handy devices or even the computer system carelessly that may result in data loss situation. Further, it has also been found that, users are surrounded by some sorts of misconception that once the stored .mov file gets deleted or corrupted, it can’t be recovered back which is totally false. If you are the one who have such sort of misconception then its time clarify your doubt first. However, if any how Mac MOV file gets deleted, then it don’t mean it gets permanently deleted. Only the index file is lost and the system specify that space as free. But, the physical copy is still stored in the hard drive of your system, until unless it is replaced by some new files. hence, it is strongly recommended not to utilize the free space available after the deletion of video files, if you want to restore lost mov file easily.

How to Restore MOV file?

There are several way to perform the recovery process, but the most common and economic among them is backup option. By using which one can easily be able to restore deleted MOV file back to its original location. However, majority of us fails to utilize this very option because we don’t have any proper backup of your file. Now, in such situation a trusted MOV video recovery software came for your rescue. The tool has been well developed by using eminent technology and high range scanning algorithm. It can perform deep scan of your entire database including external hard drives as well. Further, there is no need to have any types of expert knowledge, because the MOV recovery software has been developed by layman prospective. So, that even a novice users are able to recover video files and othe mac files at their finger step.

User Guide to Recover MOV File 

Step 1: Download and install MOV video recovery software.

Step 2: Choose the volume and click on start scan.

Step 3: Wait till the scanning process gets overed.

Step 4: After completion of scanning process, a list of all scanned file are displayed.

Step 5: Now, select the location to save the recovered files and then click on OK button.

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