Fix Unplayable MOV on QuickTime Player

Nowadays, MOV is popular file format that is used for saving video files which usually plays with QuickTime Player on Mac. These video files offers high video quality and this file types is also used with wide range of multimedia files including music, video, animation, 3D animation and many more. It is easy to convert in other format and also allows sharing quality that are the reason why this file types are preferred choice for multimedia format. Although it is widely used file types but there are cases when MOV file becomes unplayable on QuickTime Player due to corruption and you may also face error message such as

 “Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file”

as a result of it, file becomes inaccessible and you even lose favorite MOV videos. So, you need to look to fix unplayable MOV video.

 fix unplayable MOV video        fix unplayable MOV video

Some Causes Responsible for Corruption in MOV videos

  • Abruptly system turn off while the process of file transfer is on.
  • Virus or malware attack.
  • Due to corruption in MOV header.
  • Improper way of conversion to other format.
  • When playing file in unsupported player.
  • Due to damaged storage media etc.

Best Way to Fix Unplayable MOV Video

After losing favorite your .mov videos, it is very painful situation thus it is extremely important to overcome from it. Do not frustrated because with Mov video recovery software you can easily restore your corrupted .mov video. It recovers deleted, corrupted and lost .mov file with an ease and it is also equipped with latest scanning techniques that can make restoring very simple. So, this software provides the complete solution to fix unplayable MOV video files.

Some Salient Features of MOV Video Recovery Software

  • Recovers corrupted MOV videos effectively.
  • Offers interactive user interface.
  • Easily retrieve lost file within few steps.
  • It has preview option to see recovered data etc.

Steps to Fix Unplayable MOV video

Step 1 : First you will have to download and install MOV video recovery software then connect the storage media to system and select ‘start scan’ option.

Step 2: You can also choose ‘Advance scan’ option for the selective scan of corrupted video file.

Step 3: Choose the file types and click at ‘Start scan’ button. There is facility to select the range through ‘Select Range’ option.

Step 4: Once the scanning ends the recovered items is stored in separate folder on left side of pane which you can preview.

Step 5: Then choose the file for recovering and click at ‘Recover’ button and you will also have to select proper location.

mac 5

 Step 6: Ultimately, you will see the saved items on your selected location.

 fix unplayable MOV video        fix unplayable MOV video

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